Legends of Tomorrow: “Humanity’s Last Hope”

Rip HunterAnother promo came out today, this time for “Legends of Tomorrow”. Titled “Humanity’s Last Hope”, found here. Unlike the “Flash” promo, this one doesn’t provide a lot of actual info. It shows that the team starts by going to the 70s (I think this was also shown in in another trailer as well). I’d like to point out that Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold), said during San Diego Comic Con this year that was the time frame his character would most like to visit, so that’s kind of cool. Mostly it just shows the team dynamic, focusing it seems on Rip Hunter, Captain Cold, Heatwave, and White Canary, which I’m loving. Cold and Heatwave going off on their own and pulling a heist, Canary trying to keep them in line, her being hot and badass, Rip pointing that out, a barfight scene… it’s great.

The best line in the whole trailer, in my opinion, comes from Heatwave, when he says “I love the 70s!”. It’s not a very interesting line in itself, but the way he says it… it cracks me up every time. I feel like this was shown in a previous trailer too, and it’s still good. Also, seeing the team in epic 70s clothes (that jacket on Sara…) is entertaining, and I’d like to see them get Carter into those clothes.

Yeah, that’s really it. All I have on this one. Can’t wait to watch this show… it’ll be epic.



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