The Flash: “Everything Will Change”

Now that I’m finally caught up on “Arrow” and “The Flash” (I’d been holding back the last few weeks, due to school), I’ve started looking at the news for the shows again, and today it came in the form of a 20-second trailer, which you can find here. Being the nerd I am, I decided to go shot-by-shot through the trailer to share it with the world.

Spoilers for The Flash: Season 2 ahead

The trailer opens with a shot of Barry’s suit, and Matt Leschter (the “true face” of Eobard Thawne from Season 1) saying that Barry Allen is not the fastest man alive. The next one shows a yellow speedster (obviously the Reverse Flash) grabbing Patty and tearing her away from Barry. Cut to The Flash and yellow speedster racing each other, then Cisco saying that the Reverse Flash (revealed to be played again by Leschter) has returned.

The next sequence is what most people assume to be the Earth-2 versions of Barry (with glasses) and Iris, obviously together, and something people have been hoping for since the Season 1 finale, a shot of Killer Frost, played by Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow) saying “It’s much more fun to be bad”. It also shows actual Caitlyn Snow, so this is probably, once again, the Earth-2 version, as many have predicted. This is followed by Jay Jackson (the Firestorm replacement for Ronnie) saying that things are pretty messed up, with Joe responding that “This is ground zero for messed up”

So what can we get from this twenty-second trailer?

From the fact that Eobard Thawne was written out of existence on Earth-1, and this one has his original face, I’m guessing that this version is the Earth-2 version once again. And, with the appearance of Earth-2 Barry, Iris, and (possibly) Caitlin and Eobard, that means we’ll probably be seeing a trip to Earth-2. Since theorists speculate that Ronnie was sent to Earth-2 instead of killed like everyone thinks (Robbie Amell, his actor, has confirmed a return to the show), he’ll possibly return in the second half of the season, maybe with another half, this time from Earth-2 (he probably had similar separation problems to Stein after landing in Earth-2). This trailer also shows the return of Firestorm, which is great, because I’ve been missing them.Killer Frost

Moving on, as previously mentioned, we now have the appearance of Killer Frost, who I’m loving the look for. Kinda reminds me of iZombie a little bit.

Looking at the shot with Patty, I’m going to guess that this episode, with Reverse Flash stealing someone close to Barry, will show her that Barry is The Flash. I hope they just get it over with and let her in, instead of repeating the whole “love interest suspects and is trying to prove it” angle.

Finally, Earth-2 Barry kind of reminds me of Milo from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”. Just had to say that.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Tell me in the comments!


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