Arrow: “Revenge”

To compliment yesterday’s “Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” trailers, today we got a 30-second promo for “Arrow”, found here. Spoilers for “Arrow” Season 4.

I won’t go through the trailer point-by-point, as I did with The Flash trailer, so watch it yourself.

According to the video’s description, in the next episode, Oliver goes after Darhk with everything he’s got. Why? Well, in the words of Thea…

“Felicity’s out of surgery. They didn’t say what was wrong.”

RevengeThis is followed by a shot of Felicity’s mom crying, then Oliver at the cemetery that we saw in the season premiere, standing over a grave, saying “I’m going to kill him”. Felicity’s grave it seems. That’s right, it looks like, after holding out for a few weeks, Felicity succumbs to the wounds left by Darhk’s men at the end of the midseason finale. This is going to make Oliver snap, and as we all know, an angry Oliver Queen can be deadly.

In the comments, people are predicting that she isn’t really dead, and that instead they’re going to take another Batman trope for “Arrow”, this time being Oracle, the name given to Barbara Gordon/Batgirl after she was paralyzed from the waist down by The Joker. It would make sense – having her death confirmed weeks later would take away a lot of the suspense, and while Donna looks upset, not as upset as she should be if her daughter was dead. Besides, she already fills that role – just without the wheelchair, and she was complaining about not having a codename earlier this season.

That leaves the question, though, whose grave is it? In the trailer they seem to really be pushing for it to be Felicity’s, but if it isn’t hers, then I don’t know. Maybe Quentin’s? With the new lovestory written into the season for him I could see it, but I don’t think they’ve played that in enough for him to be a worthy sacrifice. Maybe in the season finale. That would be the place for Quentin to die I’d think.

The trailer also shows the return of the hacker/bomber Anarchy, with a bloody A in a circle written on a wall. Just a tease to his return.

At the same time, this seems to be in the middle of the action. However, the day after the next episode comes out, “Legends of Tomorrow” premieres. So where’s that, chronologically? I’ll come out with another article talking about that sometime next week.

Thank you for reading, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!



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